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Hello there! I'm Ellie Beykzadeh, your passport to a whimsical world of children's book illustrations! Hailing from the lively city of Chicago, I'm an Iranian-American artist on a mission to uncover the beauty tucked away in every nook and cranny of our diverse world.

Armed with a BFA in visual arts (painting) and not one, but two MAs in Art Research and Arts Management, I've dabbled in a delightful array of mediums and styles to infuse my projects with a uniquely imaginative touch.

In 2018, I unveiled my debut children's book, "Namaki and the Giant," where I played the dual roles of writer and illustrator. Fast forward to September 2022, and "Imagine That," a collaboration with the talented Renee Bolla, hit the shelves. October 2023 brought the release of "Growing Our Hearts" by Dr. Alishea and Frank Jurado. It's safe to say I'm happily immersed in the enchanting realm of children's literature, where creativity and imagination hold court.

My creative fuel comes from the wonders of nature, the magic of childhood, and the rich tapestry of global cultures. If you're in the market for an illustrator to breathe life into your story, look no further! With a sharp eye for detail, a dash of playfulness, and a love for visual storytelling, I'm committed to crafting illustrations that capture the heart of your tale.

Did I mention my passport stamps? I've waltzed through 32 countries, I've planted roots in three of them! Talk about a global artist on the move.

Needless to say, I'm always ready for a new adventure.


Let's embark on a stress-free and enjoyable creative journey together! I pride myself on being honest, punctual, and an excellent communicator. Expect nothing less than magic when we team up.

Follow my artistic escapades on Instagram @elliecolorss.

Ellie Beykzadeh Children's Book Illustrator
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